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Releases for Tuesday 05/24/2022
Video player with plugins
Tools to extract DVD-subtitles
Sound wave editor
A configuration tool for the xvid MPEG4 codec
Another eMule file-sharing program
A DVD backup utility
Vobcopy copies DVD .vob files to harddisk
Command Line MP3 Player
An Audio File Volume Normalizer
Record shoutcast compatible streams
Speech Synthesis System
Curses Client for the Music Player Daemon
Dvdrip - perl frontend for transcode
Graphical CD Ripper and Encoder
CloneCD image to ISO image converter
Utility to convert an Alcohol 120% image to the standard ISO-9660 format
Monkey's Audio Codec, a lossless audio codec
Live Audio Streamer
Raw copy title sets from a DVD to your harddisc
Fast compression for waveform files
Interface to FLAC header metadata
Lossless WAV file compressor
Perl interface to the EggTrayIcon library
Advanced JACK-based metronome
A graphical music player daemon (MPD) client
Utility for MP3/Ogg Splitting without Decoding
Library to split MP3 and Ogg Files
FUSE filesystem that supports MTP devices
GTK2 Theme Switcher
Plugins for Audacious
A simple converter to create Ogg Theora files
UPnP AV MediaServer
DVDx InfoTool shows the DVD structure of a DVD-Video disc
Metadata Injector for FLV Files
Password manager with GTK3 GUI
Command-Line Musepack Encoder
Split MP3 and Ogg Files without decoding
Mount removable devices as normal user
SIFT Feature Detection implementation
Music Collection Manager and Player
Perl extension for stripping HTML markup from text
The Twofish Encryption Algorithm
Command Line Video Extraction Utility
A lightweight and simple DVD slide show maker
Curses Client for the Music Player Daemon
X-Sys system information plugin for X-Chat
Cache the result of http get-requests persistently
Video-DVD backup tool with GUI
DV subtitle extractor
Icon Manager for Fluxbox
Guayadeque Music Player
Controls your cdrom drive
A light-weight, two-window file manager based on GTK+
User-space driver for Olympus DVRs not supporting USB Mass Storage specs
A fork of Zenity with many improvements
Discovers DHCP servers on your network
Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP LADSPA plugins
MPEG-4 metadata editor
A Scriptable Terminal Program
View and manipulate media-independent interface status
Convert cardinal numbers (3) to ordinals ("3rd")
Perl extension to choose a language
Perl extension for trace messages used in debugging
Fast C metadata and tag reader for all common audio file formats
A Linux program for writing Microsoft compatible boot records
HD library for your pc
A decoder for many derivatives of MPEG standards
A Portable Abstraction Library for DVD Menu Support
Library to access video DVDs
A simple, portable, lightweight library of audio feature extraction functions
Music Player for Linux Console
Perl extension for the DBus message system
Perl interface to libnotify
Utilities to work with cue and TOC files
MPEG Audio File Integrity Checker
A simple IRC client
MP3 Technical Info Viewer and ID3 1.x Tag Editor
Open Cubic Player
Module to create vector screenshots of GTK3-based programs
DTS Encoder
Broadcast Using This Tool
Player Free / Neuf TV
Multi-platform, simple PCM audio server and client
Text-Based Audio Player
Libshout modified for IDJC
A basic decoder for Apple Lossless Audio Codec files
Curses Client for the Music Player Daemon
Tools from the LIVE555 Streaming Media project
A development framework for C (like GLib)
Video slow motion effect via interpolation
Xaw3d with support for freetype and UTF8
A nice music player
RoarAudio-to-HTTP protocol gateway
Minimal RoarAudio sound daemon
GUI audio-video converter for GNU/Linux
RAUM Media Container for RoarAudio
C Language Support for Inline
Simple OpenGL Image Library
Record Digital Video (DV) via an IEEE 1394 (Firewire) Interface
Create user interfaces directly from Glade XML files
Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR, RFC7049)
Library to store and exchange meshed data or computation results
C++ toolkit for all your MP4 and MPEG DASH media format needs
An Audio CD Ripping Application
Device driver for RealTek Gigabit Ethernet controllers
Device driver for RealTek Gigabit Ethernet controllers
Collection of free tools to manipulate MP4 files
Command line frontend for libfdk-aac encoder
Calculates the optical flow between two images
Wayland C++ bindings