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Veröffentlichungen von heute
Video player with plugins
GTK-based GUI for xine libraries
DVD backup utility
A personal video recorder (PVR/DVR) application
DJV Imaging
Plugins for Audacious
Qt-based Multimedia Player
Filesharing client for eDonkey 2000 and other P2P systems
Video Player with 3D and Multi-Display Video Support
Split compressed Audio CD images to tracks
A simple IRC client
Open Cubic Player
Open Source DJ tool
Small YouTube Browser
YouTube Downloader and Viewer Frontend
Graphical video editing and transcoding tool
Extra plugins for Qmmp
A recording/broadcasting program
NVidia Control Library
Powerful and easy-to-use multimedia player
VideoLAN Movie Creator
A nice music player
Qt/Gambas gui to mpv
DVD and BlueRay Ripping tool
Plasmoid to listen to online radio stations
Keeps AACS database up-to-date
Open source Web Browser engine based on Qt4
DVD-A Decoding Library
Vita exploiting toolset
A personal video recorder (PVR/DVR) application
OBS studio output plugin for Video4Linux2 device