Sonntag, 20.05.2018
Paketname Beschreibung Letzte Änderung
2ManDVD Video DVD creation tool Mo 14.03.2011
3dsconv Convert Nintendo 3DS files to the CIA format Mi 10.01.2018
3gpwiz 3gp movie wizard to convert videos to 3gp format Mo 14.03.2011
4pane A multi-pane detailed-list file manager So 29.05.2011
a2jmidid TODO So 05.12.2010
a52dec ATSC A/52 stream decoder library Mo 14.03.2011
aacsupdater Keeps AACS database up-to-date Do 13.04.2017
aegisub Subtitle editor Do 10.02.2011
aften A/52 audio encoder - creates stereo and multi-channel audio streams Mo 14.03.2011
agg C++ SVG Rendering Library Mi 02.07.2014
aircrack-ng A set of tools for auditing wireless networks Mo 14.03.2011
alac_decoder A basic decoder for Apple Lossless Audio Codec files So 31.03.2013
alsa Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Sa 10.09.2011
alsa-firmware Firmware Data Files for ALSA Sa 10.09.2011
alsa-oss ALSA-OSS Wrapper Sa 10.09.2011
alsa-plugins Extra Plug-Ins for the ALSA Library Sa 10.09.2011
alsa-tools Various ALSA Tools Sa 10.09.2011
alsa-utils Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Utilities Sa 10.09.2011
amarok Media Player for KDE Do 14.10.2010
amdovdrvctrl Control AMD Catalyst Overdrive settings Do 04.04.2013
amrnb Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) Speech Codec Mo 14.03.2011